Sustainability Promotion Structure

The Bank is strengthening its organizational structure to enhance sustainability management.

Sustainability Committee

As a meeting structure to discuss and deliberate a variety of topics, such as overall planning and management issues regarding sustainability management, we have established the Sustainability Committee under the Board of Directors. Related senior management and employees including the Chief Sustainability Officer (see below) participate in the Sustainability Committee meetings. The content of deliberations is proposed or reported to the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee, as required, and is subject to the supervision of those two entities.

Chief Sustainability Officer

As responsible managers for the control and promotion of sustainability management, we have assigned two officers, one abroad (in London) and the other in Japan, as Chief Sustainability Officers (Co-CSuOs).

Chief Diversity Officer

As the responsible manager for the control and promotion of diversity & inclusion initiatives, we have assigned the Chief Diversity Officer.

Establishing the Sustainability Advisory Board

To achieve sophisticated sustainability management, we have established the Sustainability Advisory Board to deliberate with outside experts and incorporate their opinions.

Practicing Sustainability Management in Collaboration with Each Headquarters

To achieve strengthened sustainability management throughout the Bank in a unified manner, we have assigned HQ/Unit Sustainability Officers (SuOs) at the respective headquarters/units (Food & Agri HQ/Retail HQ/Global Investments HQ/Risk Management HQ).

Sustainability Advisory Board Members

Name Organization/Title
ADACHI Eiichiro Senior Counselor of The Japan Research Institute, Limited
SATO Takafumi Member of the Supervisory Committee of the Bank(former Trustee Vice-Chair of the IFRS Foundation)
TAKAMURA Yukari Professor, The University of Tokyo Institute for Future Initiatives
MIZOUCHI Ryosuke Senior Executive Officer, Kirin Holdings Company, Limited

Sustainability Promotion Structure

Sustainability Promotion Structure

Message from the Chief Sustainability Officer

Managing Executive Officer (Based in London, UK)
Head of Global Banking, Head of EMEA

IMAI Masato

IMAI Masato

I reside in London, a developed area of sustainability, as the responsible manager of sustainability management of the Bank. I endeavor to take the initiative in sustainability management in collaboration with the head office by collecting the latest information including business opportunities from the sustainability teams in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Australia and other regions pivoted around the United Kingdom.
Although London is a traditional financial base, I feel that London is a city that deserves to be a global hub in terms of sustainability. Not only companies but also the population have a high awareness of sustainability, and several sustainability-themed conferences have been held in this international city, resulting in a huge volume of information accumulated seamlessly from across the globe, thus providing a stage for discussion. In addition, in Europe, the requests from society to companies, not to mention from the authorities, are often at high levels. It is important for us to consider the role and/or contribution that the Bank should play or make and promote solution-focused businesses to deal with transition trends, which have rapidly developed worldwide in recent years. I believe it is our vital mission to gather advanced information on a global scale and utilize the benefits therefrom to enhance the Bank’s sustainability management.
The recognition that both business and sustainability are extremely important factors in developing business without the distinction of finance or non-finance has been deeply rooted among our senior management and employees. Sustainability-related investment and financing does not come at the expense of anything but rather means opportunities that could lead to further business extension. I would like to aggressively advance our business activities with forward-looking and accelerated ideas anticipating five or 10 years ahead to bring about desirable social transformations in the world.

Managing Executive Officer
Chief Human Resource Officer
Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Strategy Officer



The Bank has carried out discussions about its Purpose along with the catchphrase The Chain of Life. I recognize that the Purpose of the Bank was formulated and has been disseminated company-wide with active input from senior management and employees through trial-and-error efforts. Such efforts include holding an executives workshop attended by the CEO, Directors and Executive Officers; the collection of opinions and responses to questionnaires; and the subsequent transmission of related information to employees on an ongoing basis.
The sustainability issue has become increasingly severe in line with an increasing number of themes including climate change, loss of biodiversity, human rights issues, sustainable food and agriculture systems, labor shortages, and the utilization of aquatic and forest resources. I recognize that the Bank is requested by stakeholders to boldly perform its social role and address these challenges with flexible ideas and a sense of speed.
Our chief sustainability officer system, with Chief Sustainability Officers in Japan and overseas working with each other, should serve to enhance our sustainability management structure. The system also promotes our business operations in a constructive manner across the organization through dialogues among employees beyond the barrier of different operations and/or positions. We highly appreciate open-minded coworking through outside communication networks with outside experts, academia, next-generation youth, relevant government ministries, other companies and so on, without being limited only to the activities of the Bank and its cooperatives.
In the future, we will steadily increase practices in cooperation with all stakeholders to help us realize our Purpose. I’m confident that these initiatives will lead to the realization of a sustainable society.


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