Diversity & Inclusion

Initiatives to Promote Diversity & Inclusion

Pursuing its Diversity initiatives, the Bank imagines that the ideal employees would “respect and welcome their different attributes and views of the world, enjoy and actively accept different views and ideas, and frankly and actively exchange ideas and opinions with each other in a psychologically safe environment, thereby creating new ideas and ways of thinking and putting them into practice.” Combining the Diversity initiatives with the perspective of “inclusion,” which is the acceptance and inclusion of diversity, the Bank is now working to promote Diversity & Inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion Book

For more information on our diversity and inclusion initiatives, please refer here.

Initiatives Supporting the Raising of Next-Generation Children and Promoting the Active Participation of Women

The Bank received the Platinum Kurumin Certification for Childcare Support Company for its efforts to realize a work-life balance and support for balancing work with childrearing such as providing maternity leave before and after childbirth, a support program for employees who take childbirth and childcare leave, and a shortened working hour program for childcare. In addition, the Bank is promoting measures to introduce various initiatives to promote work-style reform such as flexible working hours, paid leave by the hour, certain interval between work hours, staggered work hours and teleworking. In addition to these measures and our efforts to increase the rate of women among new graduate hires, we are helping to build a network among female employees such as by holding Women Employee Career Forums to support career advancement, introducing external mentoring programs, dispatching female employees to external training programs for cross-industrial exchanges and holding working group meetings for post-maternity leave employees. Furthermore, we conduct efforts to foster awareness in the Bank, such as by inviting outside lecturers to provide seminars on promoting women’s participation and work-style reform.

Initiatives for Hiring People with Disabilities

To expand the employment of people with disabilities in alliance with the Group companies, the Bank established Norinchukin Business Assist Co., Ltd., in December 2016. The Bank is working to create opportunities and a workplace environment where people with disabilities can continue to work with peace of mind and play an active role while fully demonstrating their abilities and individuality, and to deepen mutual understanding among employees.

Initiatives for Global Human Resources

With international diversified investment being a pillar of the Bank’s business, its globalization is progressing further by locally employing staff with high expertise. As initiatives to promote the development of human resources on a global basis, top management visited all overseas offices in 2022 to share with locally hired employees the importance of diversity from a global perspective and their expectations for the realization of diversity through face-to-face communication.

Initiatives for Senior Human Resources

Senior employees are active in a variety of fields, making the most of their rich knowledge, experience and abilities. The Bank provides support for career and capacity development through training and other programs to enable each employee to choose a career that would make them continuously active inside and outside the organization in line with their own career perspectives and working styles, while autonomously enhancing their expertise.

Deepening Understanding of LGBTQ Issues

To create a workplace where employees can work as they like regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and remain free from harassment and discrimination, the Bank internally delivers information and elearning programs to promote a deeper understanding of LGBTQ issues.


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