Food and Agriculture Business

Combining and utilizing funds, information, and know-hows

We established the Food and Agriculture Business as one of the new pillars of our businesses in fiscal 2016.
By adding value to the entire food and agriculture value chain covering the upstream (production), midstream (food-related industries such as processing, distribution and restaurants) and downstream (domestic and overseas consumption), and supporting the local communities which brings in the values, we will continue to contribute to turn the agriculture, fishery and forestry industries into growth industries.
Our goal is to be reliable for all those who make up the food and agriculture value chain, that is, to become the “First Call Bank,” the financial institution that people call on first.

Becoming a leading food and agriculture bank in Asia by supporting and connecting people, organizations and corporations and expanding their networks

In our Food and Agriculture Business, we not only engage in financing such as making loans and investments but also provide support to expand consumption in local communities, help develop agricultural leaders through the Japan Institute of Agricultural Management, and provide management consulting and M&A advisory services mainly for agricultural corporations.
The keywords for these initiatives are “support,” “connect” and “expand.” In addition to providing these three functions, we will support our customers’ overseas expansion aggressively to incorporate the growth in Asia into Japan and link such initiatives to further develop Japan’s food and agriculture industries. Aiming to become a leading food and agriculture bank in Asia that grows with our customers, we will continue to offer enhanced solutions.

Tetsuya Kanamaru

Tetsuya Kanamaru
Head of Food & Agri Banking Business

Tetsuya Kanamaru

Head of Food & Agri Banking Business

Leverage the Flexibility and Comprehensive Capabilities Used to Address
COVID-19 to Achieve Our Long-Term Goals

We are working vehemently to support producers and business operators who are experiencing hardship due to COVID-19. Some case studies have shown that more advanced businesses, such as those in direct sales and tourism, have suffered considerable damage. We are focused on the quick provision of support, not only financing but also introducing buyers of accumulated inventories.
At the launch of the Food and Agriculture Business five years ago, our goals were to grow with diverse customers constituting food and agricultural value chains and promote the sustainable development of local communities by turning the agricultural, fishery and forestry industries into growth industries. As a result of our efforts to perform three roles—“support,” “connect” and “expand”—in cooperation with the local JA, JF and JForest, successful cases have increased in both business performance and contribution to local communities. A recent case shows successful market expansion by “connecting” major companies (including overseas corporations) and domestic producers and business operators. Toward the sustainable development of local communities and agriculture, we have started providing support for JA’s agricultural marketing and supply business.
The Food and Agriculture Business clearly has plenty of room for growth. We will continue to focus not only on short-term issues such as quick response to the COVID-19 risk but also long-term issues such as labor, logistics, distribution and local communities.

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