Demonstrating the Multi-Functional Role of Forests

Initiatives to Demonstrate the Multi-Functional Role of Forests

Japan is a heavily forested country, with forests occupying approximately two-thirds of the land. Forests play multi-functional roles, but today, their carbon dioxide sequestration capacities are attracting attention as Japan and other countries grapple with climate change issues. Forests also play an important role in biodiversity conservation. On the other hand, they face a variety of challenges, including slumping prices for standing timber, increased costs for reforestation, and the inability to find workers.
The Bank, in cooperation with forest owners’ cooperatives, will help demonstrate the multi-functional role of forests by resolving upstream, midstream, and downstream issues related to forests and forestry.

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Contributing to the Realization of a Sustainable Society Through Wood Utilization

The fulfillment of forests’ multiple functions, appropriate maintenance and effective utilization of logged forests are pressing issues.The Bank has joined the Japan Wood Design Association (JWDA)* in an aim to facilitate the use of domestic lumber and realize a sustainable society by utilizing forest resources.

* Established in December 2021, the Japan Wood Design Association refers to efforts aimed at solving social issues using wood as “wood design,“ and aims to contribute broadly to society through efforts to turn the forest industry into a growth industry, revitalize local communities and realize a sustainable society including decarbonization.

Ceremony to commemorate the establishment of the JWDA

Forestry Safety Education 360 Degree VR that Improves the Labor Safety of Forestry

The Bank expanded the lineup of “forestry labor safety improvement measures“ in fiscal 2020 by introducing the “Forestry Safety Education 360 Degree VR: Chainsaw Cutting Operation.“ In fiscal 2021, we additionally produced two educational videos “Disposing of Hanging Trees“ and “Chainsaw Kickback“ reflecting feedback from viewers.

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Establishing a Platform to Support Forest-Derived Credits from Creation to Sales

In collaboration with the National Federation of Forest Owners’ Co-operative Association, we launched a platform for forest-derived credits at the end of March 2023. In doing so, we aim to contribute to the green growth of forests and forestry and a carbon-neutral society. We will provide comprehensive support for the smooth creation of forest credits by forest cooperatives nationwide. In addition, we will bring forest cooperatives and prospective purchasers together on the platform.

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FC BASE-C (Forest Credit Base Create)
Mechanism for the creation of forest-derived credits (to be operational in March 2023)


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