Our History

Constant Mission over 100 years:
Transforming Itself to Meet the Needs of the Times

Since its establishment in 1923, The Norinchukin Bank has been managed under special legislation, initially, as the central bank for Japan’s industrial cooperatives, “Sangyo Kumiai,” and subsequently via the Norinchukin Bank Act.
It is a cooperative private financial institution with a clear mission to “contribute to the development of the nation’s economy by supporting the advancement of Japan’s agriculture, fishery and forestry industries by providing financial services for the members of the agricultural, fishery and forestry cooperative system.”
Since its establishment, we have continued to provide support for everyone engaged in the agriculture, fishery and forestry industries for 100 years while constantly transforming in line with changes in the environment surrounding the agriculture, fishery and forestry industries.


Meeting the demand for funding in the agriculture, fishery and forestry industries before and after World War II

Launched as the central bank for Japan’s industrial cooperatives
Supporting producers with financial services, including loans, through cooperative organizations with the spirit of helping one another

Japan’s AFF industries faced a shortage of funds before and after World War II until Japan’s era of high economic growth. Aiming to solve that issue, the Bank was established in 1923. As the central body founded on AFF cooperative organizations, the Bank has supplied funds to AFF cooperatives throughout Japan to provide loans to producers and meet the demand for large-scale funding beyond the capacity of individual cooperatives. The basis of these actions stems from our spirit of helping one another—“one for all, all for one.”


In light of the increase in JA Savings due to economic growth

Extending loans and investments into wider financial markets in addition to the agriculture, fishery and forestry industries in response to the needs of the times

Since the 1970s, when savings deposited by individual members and local users increased considerably, we have been meeting Japan’s strong demand for funds through loans and investments for companies related to the agriculture, fishery and forestry industries, the supply of funds to Japan’s short-term capital markets, and investment in Japanese government bonds. Moreover, from the latter half of the 1990s, we quickly moved into top gear on globally diversified investments in global financial markets. We have returned stable earnings to members as JA, JF and JForest even in a low interest rate environment.


A bridge between the agriculture, fishery and forestry industries and the business community

Food and Agriculture Business, that supports and connects consumers’and business communities’needs, and realizes supply of agriculture, fishery and forestry products that meet the needs

Amid the ongoing significant changes in the nation’s needs for the AFF industries, we believe that the delivery of safe and secure domestic produce, which consumers, restaurants and food companies want, will pave the way to turning the AFF industries into growth industries. Leveraging our deep ties with producersand longstanding business relationships with companies related to the AFF industries, we intend to “build” bridges among AFF and other industries. In 2016, we had a full-scale launch of such an initiative. Our food and agriculture business offers diverse solutions to both producers and consumers.


Medium-Term Management Plan(FY2019-FY2023)

Catch the Winds of Change to Create New Value

We believe that non-continuous change will continue to occur. In such a situation, we need to optimize our operation to meet customer expectations and continue value creation. Looking ahead, we reviewed our current operations thoroughly and are now focused on achieving the five-year Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2019–FY2023), “Catch the Winds of Change. Create New Value.” to change our approach in conducting business and achieve significant innovation.

Start of sustainability management

To meet the expectations of companies in solving environmental and social issues, the Bank has not only formulated the Medium-Term Management Plan but also started sustainability management. In addition, we established our “Purpose” in 2021 in response to increasing uncertainty around environmental and social issues, many of which affect the AFF industries on which our business is based.
To fulfill this Purpose, all officers and employees of the Bank share the mindset that they should conduct daily “Business Activities” while prioritizing the “Shared Values,” thereby realizing the “Vision.”


Toward the 100th Anniversary


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