Corporate & Shared Services

The Norinchuin Bank

Provides support for The Norinchukin Bank’s three business areas, and addresses new issues such as innovation, diversity & inclusion.

While fulfilling a wide range of functions as the foundation of the Bank, Corporate & Shared Services takes on the challenge of creating unprecedented value and innovating the corporate climate and culture

Corporate & Shared Services is an indispensable foundation for implementing the Bank’s three value-creating businesses. While performing the functions of administration, IT, risk management, legal, financial accounting, auditing and business management, Corporate & Shared Services is also keeping an eye on changes in the business environment and reacting accordingly.
In the field of digital innovation, Corporate & Shared Services is not only improving the efficiency of overall operations but also promoting collaboration with the three businesses to solve respective problems and create revenue-generating opportunities, thereby creating new value. The range of initiatives it promotes is extensive, including establishment of training and qualification systems to develop digital talent throughout the organization, and operation of AgVenture Lab, an open innovation lab that aims to solve issues facing the AFF industries and local communities in which we operate.
To enhance employee engagement for maximization of organizational vitality, work-style reform is another important issue to address. By making the most of IT and digital technologies, we will enable as many officers and employees as possible to be connected to each other at anytime, anywhere while working. In addition, we will promote behavioral transformation among officers and employees by setting and implementing a ground rule—“review the norm”—to change the organizational climate and culture for the better.
We are also committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, and as part of this effort we have set a Medium/Long-Term Goal of increasing the share of female managers. To achieve this goal, we will work on measures to encourage the activities and growth of female employees and to further raise the awareness of officers and employees.

What is The Norinchukin Bank?

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