Code of Ethics

1.Fundamental Mission and Social Responsibility

We are always aware of the importance of our fundamental mission and social responsibilities, and commit to forging even stronger bonds of societal confidence by fulfilling the mission and responsibilities through sound business operations.

2.Offering High-Quality Services

By offering high-quality services that take advantage of creativity and ingenuity with due consideration to appropriate protection of customer's profits, we fulfill the role as the national-level institution engaged in the cooperative banking business that meets the needs of its customers, and we also contribute to economic and social development.

3.Strict Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and conduct business operations in an honest and fair manner in response to society's expectation and trust.

4.Severing Anti-Social Forces

We have a zero-tolerance policy against anti-social forces which threaten the safety and order of civil society, and thoroughly sever any relations with them.

5.Building Highly Transparent Organizational Culture

We build a highly transparent organizational culture underpinned by respect for human life and dignity, while endeavoring to enhance communication and maintain satisfactory relationships with society, including proactively and fairly disclosing business information.

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