Development and Skills Enhancement of Cooperative Member Human Resources

Development and Skills Enhancement of Cooperative Member Human Resources

In alliance with Norinchukin Academy Co., Ltd., a training specialist for cooperative members, The Bank is working to develop human resources that meet the trust and expectations of individual members and customers, targeted at the senior management and employees of JA Bank, JF Marine Bank and JForest Group, by pursuing initiatives to 1) nurture and strengthen the power of Reform Leaders who promote the practice of prefectural and JA strategies and 2) promote the acquisition and enhancement of specialized skills and knowledge. We have offered online personnel training sessions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, in addition to gatherings in the conventional meeting format.

Strengthened Human Resource Training Initiatives to Achieve JA Bank Medium-Term Strategies

We continue to hold the JA Bank Central Academy–Managers Course targeted at directors in charge of JA’s banking business, the Senior Executives Course targeted at senior managers in charge of JA’s banking business, the Seminar for JA Presidents/Board Chairpersons targeted at JA presidents/board chairpersons and Intensive Management Strategy Course targeted at JA’s branch managers and mid-career employees. Through these training courses designed to develop human resources who can lead the reform of JA and JA Shinnoren, we have supported the business reform of JA Bank.
We are also engaged in the development of the human resources required to promote the measures of the JA Bank Medium-Term Strategies by offering training options allowing them to acquire specialized skills and financial knowledge, including group trainings, correspondence courses and qualifying tests.

Human Resource Training Initiatives at JF Marine Bank

For JF Marine Bank, we are focused on developing the human resources necessary to enhance the fishery financial function by continuing its group trainings, such as the JF Marine Bank Innovative Leader Training: Course targeted at store managers of JF Shingyoren and the Step-Up Seminar targeted at fishery industry financial consultants and other staff, as well as offering online training that allows trainees to learn a variety of basic knowledge required for fishery finance.

Supporting Human Resources Training at the JForest Group

We support JForest Group’s organizational reform initiatives by helping to nurture the human resources leading the organization. We do this through holding the Seminars for JForest targeting top executives at JForest and JForest Moriren (Prefectural Federations of Forestry Cooperatives), as well as JForest Cooperatives Counsellor Training aimed at personnel holding the title of counsellor, who support the backbone of JForest’s practical management.

Personnel Exchanges between the Bank, JA, and JA Shinnoren

The Bank is enhancing personnel exchanges with JA, JA Shinnoren, and others to promote mutual understanding and sharing of know-how as JA Bank.
Moreover, we second staff to cooperative organizations (e.g., JA and JA Shinnoren) in order to deepen their understanding of the actual work of cooperatives from the point of view of employees of the central organization for cooperatives and of a financial institution for farmers, fishermen and foresters.


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