Message from the CEO

農林中央金庫 代表理事理事長 奥 和登

The Norinchukin Bank
Kazuto Oku
President and Chief Executive Officer

As a member of the cooperatives supporting the primary industries, The Norinchukin Bank provides financial services for the cooperative members such as JA, JF and JForest to contribute to the development of the agriculture, fishery and forestry industries, thereby further contributing to the development of the nation’s economy. Article 1 of the Norinchukin Bank Act states that this role of the Bank in Japanese society is our only and ultimate mission that each of us—directors and employees—never forgets while working regardless of the field. To fulfill the mission, the Bank conducts various activities in the three business areas of the “food and agriculture business,” the “retail business” and the “investment business” and the corporate functions that support each of the Bank’s businesses. The domestic agriculture, fishery and forestry industries, which are the foundation of the Bank’s businesses, are vital and precious industries with the important functions of producing food that nurtures “life,” revitalizing local communities and preserving the national lands. Although it is discussed globally that these industries might be posing an environmental burden mainly by emitting CO2, in Japan these industries are contributing to the environment through the progress in environment-friendly agricultural operations, the development of resource-managed fisheries and the outcomes of the multifaceted functioning of forests through measures such as thinning and reforestation. With firm recognition of such a situation and current issues, the Bank has established the Sustainability Topics (five focus areas and 14 topics) aiming for the Bank’s business operations to be sustainable by providing solutions to environmental and social issues. By formulating medium-term sustainability goals as the ideal vision for each topic, the Bank intends to promote sustainability management to realize each topic.

June 2019

Environmental Policy・Human Rights Policy


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