Integrated Report

Integrated Report2023

Positioning of the Integrated Reports Issued by the Bank

The Bank issues its integrated report as a synthetic document format that comprises three separate volumes to better align with the interests of respective stakeholders.


Download all the latest documents below.

  • Contents
  • KUNIYA Hiroko X OKU Kazuto
  • Our Features
  • Our History
  • The Norinchukin Bank’s Value Creation Model
  • The Norinchukin Bank’s Vision
  • 100th Anniversary Own and Pursue “My Purpose”
  • Three Value-Creating Businesses and Their Foundation
  • Financial and Non-financial Highlights
  • Corporate Data


Annual Report 2023PDF

Download all the latest documents below.

  • Contents_Message from the Management
  • Message
  • Sustainability Management Initiatives
  • Current State of the Cooperative Banking Business and The Norinchukin Bank's Role
  • Management Systems
  • Risk Management
  • Business Outline
  • Financial Statements
  • Capital Adequacy
  • Compensation
  • Corporate Information
  • Corporate Outline



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