Information Security

Information Security Initiatives

The Bank utilizes a variety of information obtained during transactions with customers, etc., for various kinds of operations. Amid the increasingly diverse environments and purposes for information handling due to the rapid progress and evolution of information technology, the Bank is focused on information security measures to protect and manage customers’ information appropriately.

The Bank’s Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility for establishing and maintaining an information security management system. The Bank works systematically to enhance its information security, which is led by the Risk Management Division with overall responsibility for information security planning, promotion and progress management, together with the persons responsible for information security (General Managers) and other personnel in charge of information security at each branch or division. Also, important matters related to the improvement of the information security management frameworks are discussed mainly at the Operational Risk Management Committee.

Regarding the handling of personal information, the Bank has set out the Personal Information Protection Declaration and has established the security framework that complies with Japanese legal requirements as a Personal Information Handling Business Operator and Person in Charge of a Process Related to an Individual Number as defined under “Act on the Protection of Personal Information.” For its employees, the Bank provides trainings on the appropriate handling of personal information to raise their awareness of the handling of customers’ personal information. The Bank’s policy extends to external vendors to ensure their appropriate personal information management in case outsourced work involves personal information by concluding memorandums of understanding etc.

Overseas, the Bank has established a privacy policy applicable to the Bank’s London Branch and Norinchukin Bank Europe N.V., as well as a privacy policy for residents in the United States.


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