News Release 2021

Warning about scam website and counterfeit e-mails

June 17, 2021

The Norinchukin Bank

Warning about scam website and counterfeit e-mails under the name of The Norinchukin Bank

 We have recently detected a website disguised as the Bank's website. Please do not access such websites and make sure your access matches with the genuine address. For your information, the URL of our bank website is as follows. (Japanese) (English)

 Additionally, we also identified the counterfeit e-mails disguised as our bank's e-mail to seek privacy information. Please be aware that they are completely unrelated to the Bank.

(For reference: URLs of The Norinchukin Bank's subsidiaries outside Japan)

Norinchukin Bank Europe N.V.

Norinchukin Australia Pty Limited


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