News Release 2019

Approval to Establish a Banking Subsidiary in the Netherlands

August 9, 2019

The Norinchukin Bank

Approval to Establish a Banking Subsidiary in the Netherlands

As announced in its January press release[i], The Norinchukin Bank has been preparing to establish a banking subsidiary. The Norinchukin Bank hereby announces that it recently received the approval by the European Central Bank to establish a banking subsidiary in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The Bank will continue preparations, subject to the approval of Japanese regulatory authorities among others.

The new banking subsidiary will expand in a phased manner the range of commercial banking services in Europe, together with The Norinchukin Bank London Branch. The Norinchukin Bank is committed to support our clients' growth through supporting their business and financial strategies in Europe.

Further details on the new banking subsidiary, such as its official opening date, will be announced in due course.

1 Corporate name

Norinchukin Bank Europe N.V. (to be confirmed)

2 Head Office

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

3 Business Opening Date

During the second quarter of 2020 (to be confirmed)

[i] "Preparation for Establishing a New Banking Subsidiary in Europe,", (January 11, 2019)


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